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draw. bill: how risky is, this david? david: he's got a reasonably clean look at the back of the ball. it's a relative lilo risk. what he doesn't want to do is leave it short and left. ian: yes, if you leave it short and left in the thick rough it's then almost impossible to get the third shot close. that's why sean o'hair chose to lay up. looks like he's going to try and run it on the front, david. david: with a 7. good contact. bill: could nail it done again. got after that one and pulled it to the right. so both players in trouble in this opening hole of sudden this opening hole of sudden death. if yverage. with metlife auto & home your car's automatically covered at no additional cost for a full year with no depreciation. one more way we help you build a personal safety net
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bill: thoif both players ian at this point, even. either one have an advantage? ian: this one is 50 yards from a clean lie, if he likes this shot. and i think he does. you should see this inside six to eight feet every time. peter k.: has to be very precise with his landing spot. there's a false front to this green. but as you said, he elected to lay up so that must means he has some confidence in this. wow. that won't get there. david: peter, he went underneath it, didn't he? peter k.: yeah, he went too much underneath it and didn't get the contact he was anticipating. bill: shaughnessy golf and
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country club. the final round of the r.b.c. canadian open. we've ended regulation and now are on the first hole of sudden death. great weather, spectacular scenery. knowledgeable and nascar crowds as always here in d.n.a. and now kris blanks -- here in cran and now kris blanks, his third shot from the bunker. david: he can play it halfway there with a little spin or the bump and dump. which is what he did. ian: that's what he did in regulation. hit the same shot. this time too solid, too firm. up against the collar. oh, boy. bill: that was about a foot too long out of the bunker. just gathered momentum going down the slope. let's look at what he did on the 72nd hole playing the 18th earlier. very similar shot, as you said, ian. ian: just didn't get it to that
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last little slope. you can see how fast it is down that green. he knew what he faced. bill: it seemed to gather more momentum after it went past the hole location. ian: once it gets a couple of paces past the hole from that angle it gets all the way off. bill: kris has a connection to the vancouver area. his wife tammy is from metro vancouver, an accomplished golfer herself. played four years at ohio state. remember, this big putt that he made for par at 18. that got him into the playoff. ian: that's not dissimilar to the putt that sean o'hair has upcoming for his par. bill: dean ryan from the royal canadian golf association
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marking it off, seeing who's away. david: i think sean o'hair would love to be away here. it's not the easiest up and down -- even though it's uphill there's a little false front there. mistake with the contacts you can either run it baby or come back to your feet for kris blanks. peter k.: he's indicateed that sean o'hair is away. ian: big right to left here. downhill. difficult to get the right speed. he wants to hole it but he's got to make sure he doesn't hit it so far by that he doesn't make the five a test. kris blanks has a tricky chip sitting down in that first cut, sitting down in that first cut, coming steeply uphill.
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wonderful effort for sean o'hair. it's a bogey. it's a bogey. but it was a beautiful putt. bill: watch kris blanks in the background. a little body english. ian: yeah, it's a gentleman's game, isn't it? david: with some great acting.
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ian: chip it in for the win. bill: here we go. david: well, there's the one you don't want. bill: well, he was going after it. david: you want your mommy now? ian: well, he holed one from 17 in regulation play then went longer than that here on this green on the 227bd hole. we know he can do it. he's got a good stroke. he's tough when you have to do it. bill: kris has had a runner-up finish on tour. his best result came in puerto rico last year. but he has said several times that he feels it's his putting that his head him back. he made a big putt here at 18 earlier to get into sudden
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death and now he needs another to stay alive. david: it was deceptively difficult, that chip. he had to hit it hard enough but note so hard that he left himself this. ian: very true, david. most people would have left that short. ian: well, it wasn't a bad effort. you have to feel for him there. it was a good stroke. bill: sean o'hair is the champion. ian: and a big hug there from his caddie brian smith. used to work for years for justin leonard. bill: let's go down to peter kostis. peter? peter k.: sean, up until now this has been a really difficult and trying year. it's amazing how it can turn noorned just one week.
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determination and guts prevailed. >> i just don't know what to say. it's been a humbling year and -- you know, i just don't know what to say, but jackie, i love you. peter k.: you've made all the right decisions now and this vindicates it so you have to feel very proud of how hard you've worked to get here. >> yeah, it's been a tough road and i've had a lot of people help me get to this point. you know, everybody who's been on my team and behind me all the way, you guys know who you are. i love you all and i couldn't have done it without you. peter k.: congratulations to you. >> thank you. bill: peter, thank you very much. an emotional hotel for sean o'hair. thanking his wife jackie. they welcomed their fourth child, their son trevor, earlier this year. another great finish here in canada. for all of us at cbs sports, so long from the r.b.c. canadian
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long from the r.b.c. canadian open.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. and went, obama invited top after republican deadlines came and went, obama invited top democrats. i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach.
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that would take it at least through... we have to extend our debt ceiling thorugh the next election. we can't adopt an approach with a threat of default. >> reporter: both sides blamed the other.
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what does that say about chances for a deal? >> reporter: hopes of reuniting are probably dashed, speaker confirmed today in a conference call. nancy cordes on capitol hill.
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contrllers are still on the job, but another 4000 employees have been furloughed. more details emerged about motivation of the man accused in the norway massacres. more bodies were taken from the island today, behind the attacks, an anger swelled for years.
6:17 pm
he predicted the eventual expulsion of european immigrants. he insisted terror could wake up the masses. using expanding bullets, ammunition that explodes inside the body. carefully selected a spot that was remote and full of norway's future leaders, children of the ruling labor party which he blames for deluding norway's european character. before the shootings the car bombing downtown oslo, 25 miles to the southwest.
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>> they say his client does not think he's the guilty of any crime, calling his actions necessary. this is the neighborhood where he grew up. his family's amount complexes is behind us. it's a nicer area in west oslo. his father was a diplomate. >> looking norwegian and no one's affected by that. someone's always in shock when they find out a terrorist is living just right beside them. >> today at that appointed sunday service at oslo's cause they cause they had annual went. a memorial full of flowers grows. norwegians on this sunday coming to grips and saying good-bye. >> he will make his first court appearance tomorrow and it appears he's already planned out his opening statement to the court claiming that what he did speaks on behalf of millions of
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europeans. no ah. >> jeff glor in oslo. thank you. we'll be right back. and all we have left
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[ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. >> temperatures began going down today in the eastern half of the country, dropping from last week's record triple digits and easing a heat wave blamed for at least 34 deaths. power suppliers are also breathing easier. the nation's two busiest grids sevenning 100 million consumers in the mid west and mid-atlantic broke peak records last thursday. demand was 10% higher than the average for july. back home, seven turned democrat david of oregon grew growing pressure to resign or the woman who had an unwanted sexual encounter with him. we'll discuss by phone how democratic leader nancy pelosi this weekend but neither would comment. thousands of angry young spaniards converged on a madrid
6:23 pm
square today to protest unemployment rates of 21%. that is the highest in europe. of the protesters had marched in cities across spain. we'll be right back in a moment.
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>> this was an historic day in new york state, the first day that same sex couples could legally be married in the sixth and largest state to recognize the ceremony. more than a thousand couples rushed to take advantage. winning recognition from the federal government remains
6:26 pm
illusive. more on the big day from jim axelrod. >> bruce and lun de mussman together for 35 years didn't waste a minute. timing their vows. >> two, one. >> to be married that became legal in new york state at midnight. >> you go to the hospital here and there and there's the paper, you know. single, married, divorced or widowed. and there's no place for anything else. >> in new york city, 823 same sex did couples registered to my today. david and nevin cohen were there. >> we have the same rights and promise. >> but not when it comes to income taxes, inheriting a spouse's social security benefits and family medical leave, because federal law does not recognize gay marriage. >> that's even one case with a
6:27 pm
spouse of a veteran who is not entitled to be buried next to their spouse. >> brad series of the williams institute at ucla law school says gay couples cannot file a joint federal tax return. >> in some cases, same sex couples are going to pay more federal taxes. >> i now pronounce you legally married. >> and some companies are phasing out domestic partner benefits in states where gay marriage is legal, and requiring gay employees to be married to keep their health coverage. >> there's not really a change in philosophy that domestic partner benefit typically was put in to be fair because they didn't have the option of marriage. >> new york city today protesters were scarys but that shouldn't mislead anyone. across the country gay marriage is still the exception, not the rule. >> only six states and washington dc allow gay marriage, meaning 44 states do not. >> we are very much opposed to the idea of gay marriage of any
6:28 pm
state. >> phil donahue says most of america agrees with him that marriage should be limited to a man and a woman. >> in 31 states in the united states, they've asked the people in the ballot initiative, do you believe in gay marriage. our side, traditional marriage has won 31 out of 31. >> my partner, my spouse now. >> the next battle grounds over gay marriage may well be maryland and rhode island. but that's for another day. >> congradual lations -- congradual lations. >> because for hundreds of couples in new york. >> we couldn't be happier. >> this day was for celebration. tim axelrod, cbs evening news for new york. >> that's the cbs evening news. this is news in new york. good night and i hope you have a great week.
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coming up tonight, fighting extreme with water. hundreds escape the heat. a hit and run kill, nearly a year after the accident. i'm gigi barnett. now the family has a plea for the driver. the details are just ahead. new details about the life of the man accused of the terror attack in norw copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both

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